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Automation solutions to increase production from WA Cromarty

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WA Cromarty  provides electrical solutions. WA Cromarty workforce of skilled and proficient electrical engineers have good experience in delivering cost effective and efficient solutions and services with the main focus on customer requirements and adopting a pro-active move to increase revenue and safety for the clients.

WA Cromarty believes that in order to raise revenue and market competitiveness without major expenditure on non current assets, an organisation should glance internally at its processes to identify and eliminate inefficiencies. Common items to be identified are downgrade due to handling errors, costs of materials, repetitive manual labour, and various non value added activities.

Once identified, WA Cromarty advises that an analysis has to be carried out to see whether the activity can be eliminated or minimised by handling the process in a different way. For example automated process can replace manual handling that may reduce rejects, increase quality and production. WA Cromarty also feels that automation must be taken into consideration where safety is a concern.

WA Cromarty engineers has an diversified background experience in providing automation solutions by using software and hardware sourced from a variety of vendors.

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