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WA Belting Solutions offer conveyor belts

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WA Belting Solutions have a range of conveyor belting that includes 1, 2, 3 and 4 ply PVC and up to 5ply in rubber. These conveyor belts are available from the series of Belting Concepts . WA Belting Solutions have conveyor belts with an width of up to 3000mm.  WA Belting Solutions also provide services for repairing conveyor belts; The conveyor belts are cut and vulcanised to size, length and width that suit the needs of a customer. Cleating and rib fixing services are also available from WA Belting Solutions.

WA Belting Solutions supply belting in Polyurethane, Polyester, PVC, Rubber, Silicone, Tufted Polyester materials up to 3000mm width. WA Belting Solutions can fix cleats and tracking ribs to any belt. The Tee cleats offered by them can fit a reinforced super scoop cleat for heavy elevating up to 100mm height.

WA Belting Solutions belting products are used in the following areas:

  • Food industry
  • Brick and Tile
  • Abbatoirs
  • Paper Recycling
  • Carton and Box manufacturing
  • Printing
  • Mineral Sands
  • Iron ore and Bauxite
  • Gold Mining
  • Seafood and Fishing
  • Plasterboard and Fibre Board
  • Fertilisers and Feed industry

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