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Conveyor belting solutions from Belting Concepts

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Belting Concepts , available from WA Belting Solutions offers sealing products, conveyor belts, SCANBELT and MINET and also distributes range of PVC belts including solid woven and bare fabric belts. These belts are available in various colours. Conveying belts from Belting Concepts include meat conveying, potato conveying, mono filament belting, Volta sidewall, SANKI portable conveyors and elevator belting solutions.

Meat conveying from Belting Concepts, which is available from WA Belting Solutions is Australian made and it is used in abbatoirs. Meat conveying belts are available in white and tan colours and come with 2, 3 and 4 ply covers. Belting Concepts also offer potato conveying belts. This potato conveying belts come in 2, 3 and 4 ply green colours and are ideal for vegetable and fruit industries. These belts can be fixed up to height of 100 mm tube top type cleats.

Monofilament belting is ideal for food handling, general conveying of boxes and for various applications like handling of airport baggage. Volta sidewall is homogenous type of belt and it is ideal for use in fish, dairy, poultry and meat industries. This Volta sidewall is resistant to cut and abrasions. It is available in sizes up to 6mm thickness and ideal for harsh conveying appliances.

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