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Precision injection moulding from W&S Plastics

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W&S Plastics  is a provider of plastic moulding technology in the field of plastics. W&S Plastics is one of the major engineering custom plastic moulders in New South Wales.

W&S Plastics is dedicated and well versed in good craftsmanship and precision for plastic injection moulding products. W&S Plastics provides custom plastic injection moulders that are designed with recent technological applications. W&S Plastics can take in almost any engineering plastic moulding project right from the initial drawing to its distribution. Each and every stage of the process is watchfully regulated, tested and quality controlled to the world class ISO standards.

W&S Plastics’ Precision Injection moulding eliminates or minimises and controls variables. With this concept in mind, W&S Plastics operates a sealed, fully air-conditioned positive pressure mould shop.

W&S Plastics, with the help of European made machines and robotics operated by trained workforce, provides rigid tolerance moulding for more reliable parts and use. W&S Plastics rather than relying only on moulding, is keen on the incorporation of value-adding processes to allow them in offering good service to clients.

These moulding processes, provided by W&S Plastics, include over-moulding, assembly, pad printing and ultrasonic welding. W&S Plastics are continuously exploring new technologies to fit both the current and future needs of the customers and improve productivity.

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