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Wheel blast machines available from W. Granowski

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W. Granowski  produces standard or custom made wheel blast machines to suit any surface preparation application and component, from deburring or descaling castings to etching concrete slabs.

The standard range includes:

  • Tumble Blast
  • Rotary Barrel
  • Slab Etch
  • Monorail
  • Rotary Table
  • Plate and Section Cleaner
  • Y Track Spinner Hanger

Tumble Blast Machine

Granowski Tumble Blast machine is designed for batch or production lines of metal parts. Tumble Blast is used for ferrous or non ferrous castings, deburring, descaling, peening, rust removal and deflashing of metal parts. It can be programmed for automatic loading and unloading. The standard loading bins suit a variety of components and can be custom made to suit customer specific components.

Rotary Barrel Machine

Rotary Barrel blast machines are designed to offer flexible solutions for a wide variety of applications. Rotary Barrels are suitable for cleaning smaller batch components which may be light and less suited to the larger Tumble Blast machine.

Slab Etch Machine

Concrete etch machine is designed to give a soft surface texture or non-slip surface for concrete slabs and pavers, marble, granite and other natural stones. The popular version of the Slab Etch machine handles slabs of material up to 600mm x 600mm and 80mm thick. An alternative design of machine allows for larger items such as concrete kerbstones to be blasted on multiple faces.

Rotary Table Machine

Rotary Table machine is suitable for batches of product of varying shapes and sizes or for delicate components that are unsuitable for the Tumble Blast of Rotary Barrel machines. Rotary Tables are typically used for ferrous or non ferrous die castings, deflashing, peening, rust removal and surface finishing.

Y Track Spinner Hanger

Y Track Spinner Hanger machines are specifically designed for the treatment of fragile or unusually shaped and odd components which are unsuited for cleaning in either Tumble Blast or Rotary Barrel machines. Y Track machine uses an overhead monorail system to carry product through the machine. The trolley arrangement has a hanger attached to it from which the product is suspended.

Plate and Section Cleaner

Granowski offers a range of plate and section cleaning machines designed to clean or remove corrosion prior to applying a painted, powder, galvanised or other protective finish coating to metal sheets, pipes and structural steel beams. Plate and Section Cleaners utilise a roller conveyor for horizontal materials and a winched trolley system for vertical materials.

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