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AFTER the recent purchase and trial of a W. Granowski wet blasting cabinet by Cramer Diesel Injection for its Dalby operation, the company has ordered a further two units for other branches.

Cramer is using the wet blasting technology for single operation pre-cleaning of pumps, ensuring the maximum removal of debris, paint and grease prior to stripping on the pump room floor.

Don Cramer said the installation of a Granowski wet blasting cabinet had significantly improved productivity and the final finish of the overhauled pump assemblies.

With the development of a wet blasting system by W. Granowski as an addition to its range of abrasive blast cabinets, operators can now gain a high level of efficiency with no need for dust collectors or isolation of the machinery.

The new Granowski process is dust free eliminating airborne particle contamination of the workplace. After connection to mains water, compressed air and power, the machine is safe and simple to operate with minimal operator training.

The wet blasting process offers a wide flexibility in the operating parameters to provide a new versatility in achieving desired finishes for selected components.

The Granowski wet blasting cabinet removes oil, grease, paint, carbon and other contaminants during manufacture or non-destructive testing and reconditioning of components over a wide range of industry applications.

With the ability to use a variety of abrasive media including glass bead, garnet and plastic, the machine provides a wider versatility of applications including preening, blast cleaning, surface preparation, light de-burring and polishing.

By simply altering air pressure, a wide range of finishes can also be attained with the same blasting media.

Manufactured in Australia with a high local content, the Granowski wet blasting cabinet boasts a stainless steel 900mm2 work chamber, 600mm turntable with a 100kg central load capability.

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