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W & B Instruments has released Status (UK) SEM203/P MKII temperature transmitter. The SEM203/P MKII temperature transmitter is a Push Button PT100 in Head Temperature Transmitter, with unique user trimming features, programmable over the temperature range of –200/+850 Deg. C, with a minimum span of 25 Deg. C.

Accessed by a single push button, three menu options can be entered:
* Span and zero ranging
* Span and zero fine trimming adjustment and
* Up scale or down scale sensor burnout selection.

An LED assists with menu selection and programming, and during normal operation will illuminate to indicate sensor failure.

The unit is simple to configure, and this can generally be achieved in less than 1 minute, and does not require the use of a soldering iron.

The user trimming feature will automatically select span or zero trim depending on the sensor value with respect to full scale, and allows sensor errors to be removed resulting in an accurate measurement being made.

A reset to factory default feature is also included.

The SEM203/P also features a wide ambient operating range of –40/+85 Deg. C.

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