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Remote unit wireless data loggers for multiple parameters launched

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article image DELTA OHM HD35 wireless data logger

DELTA OHM (Italy) announces the release of the HD35 series of wireless data loggers.

The DELTA OHM HD35 wireless data logger series can measure a variety of parameters including temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric and differential pressure, wind speed and direction, illuminance (Lux) and UV radiance, solar radiation, CO, CO2, rain and acceleration.

A version is also available for standard process sensors including PT100 and thermocouple temperature sensors, 4-20mA and voltage signals. The HD35 series wireless data loggers find application in the monitoring of storage for food and pharmaceutical products, environmental monitoring (public buildings, car parks etc.), laboratory and clean room monitoring, and industrial process logging.

Feature highlights of the HD35 series of wireless data loggers include integral memory of up to 74,000 readings, and secure robust wireless system with RF interference checking and automatic channel selection within the wireless operating band to ensure error-free transmission and optional repeaters to extend the wireless range. Data in the loggers is retained even after it has been sent to the base unit until the memory is full.

Base units can handle up to 254 data loggers. An IP67 rated outdoor version of all data logger transmitters is also available. Versions are also available with USB PC interface and an integral GSM module (for SMS and email messaging), RS485 and ModBus outputs and a Wi-Fi version with USB and Ethernet outputs utilising an existing Wi-Fi and local network. Additionally, a wireless alarm module is available controlled by the base station with two relay outputs for controlling alarm systems.

Features also include LCD option on all logger units, lockable flange mount for logger units, and extremely user-friendly graphical software.

Manufactured by one of the world’s leading instrumentation companies and backed by a 2-year warranty, the HD35 series is available in Australia from W & B Instruments .

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