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Office safety training solutions from Vocam

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Vocam  offer a wide range of office safety training solutions to overcome office accidents and injuries.

People know that office fires, office injuries and harassment, and discrimination incidents occur and the costs can seriously affect their business or organisation. It is just that most of them do not think it will ever happen to them. For this reason complacency is one of the single biggest causes of accidents and injuries in the office.

The Risk Management Approach: Managing occupational health and safety in the office requires a risk management approach, which includes identifying hazards in the office, complying with occupational health and safety legislation and developing a health and safety policy.

The office safety training is an important aspect in achieving the risk management goals, which eventually enhances the business profile, increases morale and productivity, and keeps downward pressure on insurance costs.

Importance of Health and Safety Risk Management and Training to a Business
Without office safety training, managers, employees, contractors and personnel will not have the skills to deal effectively with office safety risks whether they be harassment and discrimination; equality and diversity; ergonomics safety; office manual handling and back safety; office fire safety; office risk assessment or general office safety.

Managing Health and Safety Training
Managing office safety is often more complicated than it needs to be. Staff training and record keeping, office safety checklists, safe lifting training, fire evacuation drills – people need to ensure all elements of office safety are dealt with - it is always an ongoing portfolio, with changes in personnel, job and task design and much more.

Vocam office safety training solutions include:

  • Office Safety Training DVDs
  • Office Safety Training Online
  • Office Safety Learning Management System (LMS)

Integrating Health and Safety into Office Training
Vocam office safety training is advanced with all the current regulations and is updated whenever new regulations are introduced.

For all office safety training and compliance needs Vocam products cover:

  • General Office Safety Training
  • Harassment and Discrimination Training for Employees and Managers
  • Ergonomics Safety Training
  • Office Manual Handling, Safe Lifting and Back Safety Training
  • Office Fire Safety Training
  • Office Risk Assessment Training
  • Aggression and Violence Response Safety Training
  • Office Security Training
  • Health and Hygiene Training for the Office and more

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