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Fatigue Safety Training from Vocam enforce Fatigue Management Regulations

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Shift workers work in a variety of industries including the emergency services, health care, the utilities, transport, manufacturing such as oil, gas and chemical industries, entertainment and retail.

The highest rates of industrial accidents are often found among shift workers. Poorly designed shift-working arrangements can result in fatigue, accidents, injuries and ill health.

Research has shown that shifts, particularly night and early morning shifts, can have undesirable consequences for workers including disruption of the internal body clock, sleeping difficulties and fatigue.

These in turn can affect performance, increase the likelihood of errors and accidents at work and might affect health and well-being.

To enforce Fatigue management regulations, all organisations conducting shift work need to:

  • Assess and manage the risks associated with shift work and fatigue
  • Consider the risks of shift work and the benefits of effective fatigue management
  • Establish systems to manage the risks of fatigue and shift work
  • Assess the risks associated with fatigue and shift work in the workplace
  • Take action to reduce fatigue related risks
  • Check and review shift-work arrangements regularly

Fatigue safety training from Vocam is a part of the solution to avoid the risks of fatigue and shift work. Without personnel training, many shift work policies can be ineffective.

Fatigue Management training and shift work safety training can make shift work safer and can be integrated with the policies and procedures of an organisation.

Vocam fatigue safety training involving fatigue management and shift work safety training provides better quality safety DVDs, safety manuals and powerpoints, online fatigue management training and a complete learning management solution that incorporates a company’s entire fatigue management training and compliance training into one easy to use application.

Vocam can help to make the right fatigue management safety training decisions for a business. Reducing the risks associated with shift work and fatigue can improve the health and safety of workers and may also financially benefit business and society in general by reducing sickness, injuries and accidents, and by increasing work efficiency and product quality.

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