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Plastic pallet available from Vivre Veritas

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Perth based plastic pallet and products manufacturer Vivre Veritas has manufacture and revolutionise a new generation of plastic pallet.

Veritas plastic pallet features are made to Australian Standard of 1165x1165x150 mm.

With its cellular structure, this is the only pallet available in Australia that can withstand heavy load statically and dynamically.

The pallet is also in the process of getting HACCP endorsement in where it will make it suitable for use in all hygiene environments.

Veritas pallet only weight around 18 kg. This means that it will be much easier to handle and also save a lot in transportation cost.


  • Dimension: 1165 X 1165 X 150
  • Static loading: 6000 KG
  • Beam racking: 2000 KG
  • Drive-in racking: 1800 KG
  • Weight: ± 18 KG – 100% new plastic


  • External dimensions are consistent with Australian Standard AS4068-1993
  • Easy handling and light weight with maximum loading capacity
  • No nails and splinters
  • Surface holes for easy water / liquid drainag
  • Protruding surface cellular grip for anti slip

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