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Vitech Reliability Systems supply Fixturlaser AB’s shaft alignment systems

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article image the Fixturlaser GO shaft alignment system

Fixturlaser AB have launched the Fixturlaser GO, a shaft alignment system for people who deal with maintenance work. The Fixturlaser GO shaft alignment system is available from Vitech Reliability Systems .

The Fixturlaser GO is an addition to the Express Alignment product range from Fixturlaser AB, with the typical characteristics of a Fixturlaser system. It is easy to use with the help of an intuitive graphic user interface, and together with its technical features such as CCD and line laser in the measurement units with 30mm large detector surfaces, it can obtain measurement results with a high degree of accuracy. The USB connection allows for fast transferring of measurement results to a PC, which requires no additional external software installed for carrying out the transfer.

The graphical user interface of the Fixturlaser GO has symbols that simplify the measurement and alignment process, which reduces the risk of user errors and speeds up the entire process. With application software for both horizontal and vertical shaft alignment, and functions that increase the tool’s capabilities, the Fixturlaser GO is a complete shaft alignment system in the midprice segment.

The Fixturlaser GO comes with all the basic shaft alignment applications to keep rotating machinery aligned. It performs horizontal as well as vertical shaft alignment. The horizontal shaft alignment application includes functions, such as SoftCheck (control of Softfoot condition) and Target Values (pre-defined values that compensate for the machine’s thermal expansion). With the Memory Manager, users can organise their measurement results by creating files and folders.

Hans Svensson, Managing Director, says that the Fixturlaser GO meets the demands of customers for a user-friendly, fast and affordable shaft alignment system. The system’s graphic interface guides the user and reduces the risk of errors. It should be easy and fast for the user to perform a measurement and alignment process, regardless of whether the system is used every day or once a year.

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