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Motor Condition Monitor by Artesis

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THE Motor Condition Monitor (MCM) by Artesis is an award-winning software and hardware-based product that has been developed using model-based monitoring technology for predictive maintenance of electric motors and motor based machinery.

Available from Vitech , MCM's primary purpose is to provide early warning of progressively deteriorating machine and process conditions, thereby maximising a plant's available assets through reducing unplanned downtime while improving revenue and savings.

MCM is a unique solution that continuously monitors electric motor-based machinery and equipment, safeguarding rotating machinery from common faults both electrical and mechanical, such as misalignment, imbalance, bearing and rotor faults.

The benefits are best realised when the motors are critical, at hard to reach places or exposed to high vibration.

In addition, MCM has the intelligence and capability of being able to protect the motor system it is monitoring and cut the system power if needed.

It provides information about the quality of incoming power, energy consumption and any abnormalities in the plant.

The patented core technology has previously been applied in the US aerospace and defence industries including the Space Shuttle Main Engine, helicopter engines and gas turbines.

Artesis’ condition monitoring products are used for plant monitoring, predictive maintenance and process optimisation across multiple industries including chemical and petrochemical, metal processing, power generation, pulp and paper, water and waste water, gas distribution, cement, food and beverage, automotive, textile, metallurgy sectors.

MCM won the Control Engineering Editor's Choice Award in 2000.

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