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Laser-based levelling system

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FIXTURLASER, represented by Vitech , has developed a new and highly accurate system for positioning and aligning machines and production line installations.

The new Fixturlaser Level is a laser-based "one-man-level" system, which meets high mechanical and accuracy levelling requirements.

The one-man-level makes a helping hand redundant, since the system consists of a self-levelling, scanning laser transmitter and a high resolution receiver.

The laser transmitter, T310, generates a laser plane which is level or plumb to level.

The laser plane can also be locked to specific receiver values, the receiver then controls the transmitter by either IR or cable communication.

This feature is very helpful in unstable environments, e.g. when performing measurements on-board ship and on high rising constructions, such as harbour cranes.

The level can be operated with one or more receivers and can be fully integrated in the Fixturlaser system utilising the display unit as a data collector.

All units are powered by standard batteries or ac adapter. The receiver can be powered by the display unit when connected.

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