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Lansmont Compression Test Systems from Vitech Reliability

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Vitech Reliability offers Lansmont compression test systems in a range of sizes and configurations for industrial environments.  

The stacking strength of a package comes primarily through its corners and edges. Factors such as pallet stacking pattern, extreme temperature or high relative humidity can reduce the inherent performance of packaging materials by as much as 50 per cent.  

These challenges can now be tested on package designs in the laboratory so that they do not cause problems in the field.  

Load, temperature and humidity are all hazards, which can be measured with field instruments from Lansmont that are part of their innovative Field to Lab methodology.  

Lansmont compression test systems are proven to offer benefits such as:

  • Ensure packaging structural integrity
  • Validate packaging performance
  • Prevent shipping damage
  • Avoid overpackaging expenses
  • Promote sustainable solutions through optimised designs
  • Reduce warranty expenses
  • Improve corporate image, reputation and bottom-line

Lansmont provides compression test systems in various sizes and configurations, all designed to meet the diverse requirements of packaging and logistics professionals.   

Whether designing primary or secondary packaging, parcel shippers or large-format bulk containers, the company offers the right compression test solution.

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