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Express Alignment Fixturlaser GO available from Vitech Reliability

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Fixturlaser Go, available from Vitech Reliability , ensures easy operation for the maintenance professional when compared to traditional methods such as dials and straight edges. Fixturlaser GO is the latest addition to the Express Alignment product range, featuring the typical characteristics of laser based alignment systems.

Several of the Fixturlaser GO features are adopted from the innovative Fixturlaser XA system, which will reduce time spent on pre-alignment actions, measurement registration, performing actual alignment, remeasuring check that the machine is correctly aligned and documenting measurement data.

Other features of Fixturlaser GO laser alignment systems:

  • CCD technology eliminates the need for rough alignment
  • Icon-based user interface simplifies the measurement and alignment process, reducing the risk of user errors and speeding up the entire process
  • Line laser combined with the CCD for measurement results with a high degree of accuracy 
  • Measurements can be transferred to a PC
  • Memory Manager, allows users to organise their measurement results by creating files and folders
  • Pre-mounted fixtures speed up mounting and packing of the fixtures
  • Three LED lights on the display unit indicate whether the couplings are within tolerance (green light) within double tolerance (orange light) or out of double tolerance (red)

Fixturlaser GO alignment systems meet customers demands with a user-friendly, fast and affordable shaft alignment system. The alignment system’s graphic interface guides the user and reduces the risk of errors. It should be simple and quick for the user to perform a measurement and alignment process, regardless of whether the system is used every day or once a year.

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