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Safety services provided for workplace activities from Vital Safety

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Vital Safety  is a provider of professional safety services for workplace activities. Vital Safety’s services are categorised as confined space services, training services and consultation services. Fully equipped to present on-site confined space services, Vital Safety offers services that include planning and documentation, supervision, provision of specialist safety equipment and emergency stand-by solutions.

Technical, practical and experienced team from Vital Safety provide training in confined space entry, emergency retrieval, gas monitoring, confined space stand-by and breathing apparatus. The training provided is fully customised or nationally accredited at a specific facility on-site or off-site.

Vital Safety’s safety consulting services include classification of spaces, site assessments and procedures.

Vital Safety believes that for Confined Space Classification it is important to first identify the potential hazards and then decide on realistic controls for the space. When this is done compare the controls that have been selected to the needs of the confined space regulations, they can be the same.

According to Vital Safety some sites are classified as "Restrictive Space". This is to describe that the particular site has become a confined space under certain conditions. If too much of time is consumed or finding difficulty in confined space planning and preparation then the site procedures has to be streamlined to keep it very simple and uncomplicated.

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