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Corrective measures for combustible gas detectors from Vital Safety

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Vital Safety , that provides training in gas monitoring, believes that Flammable Gas Under-estimate is another important aspect of workplace safety. Actual flammable gas levels can be seriously under-estimated by a gas monitor. This may happen due to the occurrence of differences between the target gas and gas used for calibration.

Vital Safety feels that the problem lies in the way the meters are designed to operate. Many combustible gas detectors measure only the pollutant by combustion at a catalytic detector. The produced heat is used as a measure of the “explosivity” of the pollutant in air. Different compounds used produces different amount of heat when they are burned. So the meter will respond according to the chemical mixture in air.

For this purpose Vital Safety advices to convert the measured levels to the actual levels for this a correction factor can be used or applied when the gas monitor is sent for calibration, be very clear in notifying the technician about which flammable gas to be used for calibration. Combustible gas meters can be expected to respond accurately only to the gas for which they were calibrated. Some gas monitors also gives the option of changing the flammable gas selection on-site.

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