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Therapeutic herbal soft drinks

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HERBAL World has launched an Australian-first range of TGA-registered therapeutic soft drinks using herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, Licorice Root, Siberian Ginseng, Ginko Bilboa and Green Tea.

The range’s registration with the Therapeutic Goods Association sets it apart from the existing so-called energy drink market into a unique ‘therapeutic’ soft drinks category, according to the general manager of Herbal World, Alan Smith

“The soft drinks are packaged by VisyPak in a distinctive, easy-grip, blow-moulded PET bottle, with a colourful shrink sleeve wrap.

“Herbal World products are made in Australia by the Jalco Group of companies which manufacture therapeutic goods to the extremely strict standards and guidelines required by the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice,” Smith said.

The new range of nutrient-enriched carbonated soft drinks contained a blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins specially formulated to help consumers rejuvenate, energise, keep slim, improve their memory or recover from a big night out.

VisyPak market manager Daniel Martin said the development of Herbal World’s innovative and distinctive packaging was a perfect example of the benefits customers could expect through a partnership with Visy. VisyPak (03 9301 0281).

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