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Smashing new glass recycling plant

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VISY Recycling has launched a new multi-million dollar fully automated glass recycling facility at Laverton, upgrading its ability to recover and recycle to about 100,000 tonnes of glass every year.

The facility uses high-tech electronic identification to “see” up to 16 million different colours at high speed.

Highly accurate air jets then sort the glass into different colours and removes non-recyclables such as caps and corks.

The facility automatically sorts glass pieces as small as 6mm.

Visy Recycling general manager Steven Boland said the new technology was an investment for all Victorians.

“Visy Recycling supports the effort Victorians put into recycling,” Boland said.

“We are recycling more and more today which means the recycling industry needs to invest in better technology and systems that enable better and more efficient recovery of recyclables.”

“This facility means that bottles and jars that Victorians put out for recycling will have improved recovery and recycling, and recycling efforts will be supported for many years to come.”

Visy’s facility is said to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

EcoRecycle Victoria has provided funding to support this facility.

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