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Wide range of fluoaluminate photoluminescent pigments from VisionGlow

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VisionGlow  is a manufacturer of photoluminescent pigment and provides a wide range of fluoaluminate photoluminescent pigments that are now transforming the world. VisionGlow's unique pigments can blend naturally in photoluminescent, paints, inks, epoxy, coatings, phosphorescent plastics, fabrics, glass, ceramics, moulding compounds and other materials.

VisionGlow VGS-FAP photoluminescent pigment has the presentation of a strontium type compound that can be utilised in solvent or water based applications. These pigments can be dispersed in paints, inks, ceramic glaze, extruded into most plastics and incorporated in a wide range of resins and coatings.

Unlike aluminates that usually disintegrate in a few hours in water or in water-based formulations, VisionGlow’s VGS-FAP photoluminescent pigment does not lose its glow for a long period. VGS-FAP photoluminescent crystals, by VisionGlow, are produced in three colours: pale green, blue and aqua.

VisionGlow photoluminescent crystals are soft and smooth and enable its use in applications where other photoluminescent pigments are denied. Hence, they play an active part in reducing the production costs as there is less wear on machinery in the production process.

VisionGlow photoluminescent crystals are paler and white than strontium aluminate, therefore no unwanted dark green colouration is induced in the host. This makes the finished products be satisfactorily accepted in the market place as the original desired colour of the product can be sustained to impart a long after-glow property.

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