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Durable Phosphorescent glass luminescent material from VisionGlow

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VisionGlow  photoluminescent crystals are paler than strontium aluminate; therefore no unwanted dark green colouration is induced in the host. Hence, these finished products are satisfactorily accepted in the market as the original desired colour of the product can be obtained and sustained.

The inherent brightness of VisionGlow’s photoluminescent crystals can be considerably multiplied if formulated correctly, due to the unique chemistry and crystal structure of VisionGlow photoluminescent pigments. VisionGlow's VGS-FAP photoluminescent pigment products go through stringent standards for emission like the New York City's recent RS - 6 - 1 rule for photoluminescent egress path markings.

Some of the VisionGlow photoluminescent categories for photoluminescent applications include photoluminescent moulding compound, photoluminescent roto moulding compound, phosphorescent glass.

Photoluminescent roto moulding compound has developed a special effects photoluminescent roto moulding compound applicable in photoluminescent plastic products for the rotomoulding industries. VisionGlow photoluminescent roto moulding compound is available in aqua, blue and green glow are ideally suited for safety and marine safety application. VisionGlow Photoluminescent roto moulding compound provide heat and colour stability, weather ability and light fastness.

VisionGlow phosphorescent glass products are very easy to use, simply broadcast the glass on to the surface, for some time and trowel in level to get the desired effect. This luminescent material is ideal for sidewalks, parking lots, swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and highways.

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