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Direct to card and rewriteable printers from Vision Idz

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Vision Idz  specialises in offering printers, smart card and accessories to government, health, education and mining industries. The range of products from Vision Idz includes plastic card printers including direct to card printer, re transfer card printers. The range of these printers includes Zebra, Dia Nippon, Edisecure, CIM, Atlantek, IDX, Fargo, Data card, Badger and NBS plastic card printer printers.

Direct to card printers from Vision Idz includes Zebra P330i, Zebra P110i, Zebra P120i and Edisecure DCP360i and so on. Re transfer card printers include XID 5xx and DCP360 professional family. The re writeable card printers from Vision Idz include clearjet CX one. Clearjet CX rewriteable card printers from Vision Idz provide top quality printing, erasing and reprinting services. It comes with automatic self cleaning mode; it is monochrome and offers full graphic print. Clearjet CX-one offers three different resident fonts.

Zebra P330i printers from Vision Idz are ideal for straightforward card printing and come with dynamic features. The features include built in Ethernet and smart card encoding systems. Zebra P330i printers ensure high speed printing, 144 cards can be printed per hour with one side coloured and has 16MB image memory standards. Colour printing is also done using this printer. Full card colour printing is done with in 25 seconds at 300 dpi print resolution.

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