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Virotec to commence acid rock treatment

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Virotec International has announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has completed its review of Virotec’s proposal for the treatment of waste rock at Skytop Mountain, Pennsylvania, and has authorised the immediate commencement of work.

Virotec will initially treat at least 55,000 cubic yards of pyritic rock in this pilot project and will receive between $US1 million and $US1.3 million based on the amount of waste rock finally treated.

Executive chairman Brian Sheeran said Virotec technology had achieved excellent results in the field.

“We are confident of successfully treating this initial quantity of waste rock, thus providing PennDOT with an affordable treatment option of $US18 per cubic yard for the remainder of the contaminated waste rock, which has become an urgent problem.

“It has been reported that there could be up to 1 million cubic yards of waste rock that requires treatment. Virotec expects to commence the treatment of the remaining waste rock at Skytop on successful completion of the pilot project. We look forward to working with PennDOT on this and possibly other projects.”

Virotec’s proposed treatment will neutralise existing acid, prevent the formation of additional acid in the contaminated rock, trap the trace metals, prevent leaching and improve the quality of water running off into local streams.

Virotec proposes to treat the waste rock in its current location, eliminating the need for PennDOT to remove the pyritic rock. Virotec expects to complete the pilot project by 30 August, 2005.

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