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Clean room systems from Vilair-AAF

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Vilair-AAF  offers air filtration, clean room systems and machinery filtration solutions. Vilair-AAF offers clean room solutions for critical applications in scientific research, high-technology industry and health care environments. Health care require controlled environments like laminar flow systems and clean rooms which have control over airborne particulate and biological contamination.

Vilair-AAF designs, manufactures and installs purpose engineered systems for various manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Vilair-AAF offers wide range of clean room systems which includes AAF cleanroom products, Vilair-AAF cleanroom systems, downflow containment booths, laminar flow enclosures, pass-through hatches, AstroCel TM HEPA ceiling modules, AstroCel FM-II HEPA/ fan ceiling modules, AstroGel ND gel-seal cleanroom ceiling grid systems, PCX series containment modules, ISO standards for controlled environments, VAS series air showers, ISO class 7 cleanrooms and PC3 HEPA filter containment housings.

Vilair-AAF provides laminar airflow and powder containment equipment which are engineered to meet any application that needs containment or ultra-clean air of hazardous aerosols. Vilair-AAF offers cleanroom equipment which includes dispensary containment booths, laminar flow enclosures and workstations, cleanroom ceiling and lighting systems, AAF HEPA and ULPA filters, cleanroom ceiling and lighting systems, pass-through hatches, air showers, absorption filter systems for odour control etc.

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