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PC-based digital image processing board

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article image Dalsa Coreco's XRI-1200.

VICTORIAN Machine Vision Pty Ltd has announced the availability of Dalsa Coreco's XRI-1200.

The XRI-1200 is a PC-based digital image processing board specifically designed for demanding x-ray imaging applications where images often contain motion artifacts and exhibit low contrast, high-noise characteristics.

The XRI-1200 performs adaptive image processing to reduce noise in both still and dynamic images, significantly improving image quality and

Real-Time Image Processing Engine (IPE)

The XRI-1200 features an FPGA-based image processing engine that performs real-time digital image processing in three dynamic stages, improving measurement and diagnostic accuracy.

The IPE employs adaptive frame averaging to reduce noise while compensating for sensor non-uniformity and lens distortions.

Software support

The XRI Software Development Toolkit (SDK) is a Microsoft Windows compatible C++ library for image acquisition and digital image processor control.

It includes easy-to-use tools, utilities and installation scripts to allow rapid application development, diagnosis and deployment.

Intuitive and flexible, the XRI-SDK imaging libraries permit users to control all aspects of the image acquisition process and image storage function on both the local and host computers.

The software features a powerful event notification technology to increase the application response time.

The XRI-1200 offers unique capabilities, such as hardware accelerated adaptive image processing and image enhancement functions along with a dedicated software development kit (SDK) containing easy to use functions, libraries and support for Microsoft Visual Studio.

The XRI-1200 SDK is specifically designed to reduce application development and integration time while simplifying support for a wide variety of area and line-array cameras.

Features include:

* Real-time Image Processing Engine (IPE)

* Automatic noise suppression and contrast enhancement to improve image quality

* Automatic adaptive image processing reduces motion artifacts while detecting and enhancing edges

* Image archiving framework supports industry standard file formats

* Multiple image data path allows archiving of original and processed images

* Image rotation and flip accommodates proper image orientation

* Supports 10, 12, and 14-bit images

* Available in both conventional LVDS and the latest Camera Link versions and supports a wide variety of sensors and camera types.

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