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Graphical programming environment software upgrade

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article image Includes improved operator libraries.

VICTORIAN Machine Vision Pty Ltd has announced the availability of DALSA Coreco's graphical programming environment WiT 8.2 for developing image processing and analysis applications.

WiT's intuitive interface makes it an invaluable rapid prototyping tool suitable for machine vision research and training.

Designed for ease of use, WiT's point-and-click block diagram visual programming interface and C-code generator speed algorithm development.

With the click of a button, users can test different algorithms, visualise data, adjust parameters and create end user applications by calling WiT-based image processing and analysis functions directly from Visual Basic or a C/C++ program.

Features include:

Improved igraph editing

* Auto-connect when dragging operators

* Copy and paste across multiple WiT instances

* Mouse over

* Drag multiple operators from library.

Improved execution

* Individually consumable inputs

*Operators by-passable even if port types do not match.

* Improved data handling

* 16/32/64 signed/unsigned multi-channel image types

* Elliptic arc graphic type

* Opaque object types.

Improved programming

* Creating C++ operator libraries

* Set and retrieve image data from .Net applications.

Improved operator libraries

* New colour correction/transform operators

* Annulus ROI type support for many operators

* Better sub-pixel accuracy edge finding

* Casting data objects to/from byte vectors

* Colour pattern search

* Better colour classification

* AVI file support

* Manipulate window positions

* More features for interactive operators such as 'prompt', 'iKey', and 'Edit'.

Improved hardware support

* X64-AN, X64-iPro

* Planar acquisition on PC2-Vision

* Better DirectShow support

* More versatile frame grabber emulator.

Victorian Machine Vision supplies complete turnkey machine vision systems using the latest and most cost effective technology sourced exclusively through their alliance with Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd.

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