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article image Nerlite lights illuminate large areas at extended distances.

VICTORIAN Machine Vision Pty Ltd has launched the Nerlite Large Area LED Light (LALL) series of high output, LED based machine vision illuminators.

The LALL series offers the performance, features and options needed to assure broad application coverage.

Features include:

* Current-driven LED light sources for stable output and long life

* Very high light intensity to illuminate large areas at extended distances for robot guidance, packaging and sorting applications

* Gasket-sealed aluminium housings are designed to comply with NEMA 4X and IP-64 ratings for use in wet or dusty areas

* Low power consumption, low maintenance, quiet and reliable, thanks to LED-based, passively cooled (no fans) design

* Torqued and thread-locked fasteners for assembly integrity

* Available in red or white wavelength standard models. Amber, green, cyan, blue and royal blue (LALL-47x47 only) wavelengths are available on request.

The Nerlite LALL’s are suitable for use in food processing and packaging, automotive assembly, warehousing, distribution centres and freight carriers.

The LALL series enables robotic manipulation applications where consistent identification of features for x-y coordinate determination is required.

Sorting applications that depend on repeatable identification of different sizes and shapes benefit from LALL's large illuminated area and intensity.

Designed to comply with NEMA 4X and IP-64, LALL's are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, provide protection against falling and splashing liquids (for example, wash-down), seal out non-hazardous dust, lint and fibres and are corrosion resistant.

The LALL's high intensity, low power consumption, compact and easily integrated design, strobe capability and long-life make them ideal for both new installations and as replacements for less robust light sources (for example, fluorescents).

As with all Nerlite products, LALL’s feature fasteners that are installed to specific torques and thread-locked so as not to loosen when subjected to machine vibrations.

Victorian Machine Vision Pty Ltd supplies complete turnkey machine vision systems using the latest and most cost effective technology sourced exclusively through their alliance with Adept Electronic Solutions Pty Ltd.

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