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Real-time hydraulic system data capture

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VICTORIAN Hydraulics has developed the VicHy Datacq system to provide its customers with real-time hydraulic system information. The ability to monitor real-time and log over time is the essential tool for the set-up of new systems, and the commissioning and fault-finding of existing systems.

The VicHy Datacq is an integrated hardware/software package that turns a PC and into the tool that provides these capabilities.

The real-time capture of multi-channel data from the connected transducers is managed by the hardware and software to achieve calibrated display and logging of the measured parameters (pressure, flow and temperature).

Set up for on-site testing is readily achieved using standard parts and the connections provided. For regular monitoring requirements, Victorian Hydraulics can advise on transducers and wiring to be incorporated into the system that will enable ready connection by a service technician.

The computer can run other packages to further process or present the data (e.g., MS Excel, Word and others).

Ready availability of test results speeds all aspects associated with system set-up and in service diagnosis.

The VicHy Datacq is a data acquisition unit designed to capture pressure, temperature and flow-rates in a manner suitable to the hydraulics industry.

It uses a standard IBM type PC computer, interfacing through the parallel printer port, so that the computer does not need to be opened to install cards.

It includes all the amplifiers, counters and interface circuitry to match standard industry transducers. The software for setup, calibration, capture and display functions are all preset to match the VicHy Datacq unit.

Play-back of logged data is fully featured, with ability to overview, zoom and pick-up precise values, plus other capabilities to enable comprehensive analysis of data.

The computer screen serves as dial gauge, digital display and chart recorder, all selectable, to best monitor and display the measured parameters. Scaling and display limits are all selectable.

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