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Agricultural chemical products from Victorian Chemicals

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Victorian Chemicals  is a manufacturer and marketer of environment friendly chemicals for industrial and agricultural industries. Victorian Chemicals offers adjuvant products for agricultural industry. Agricultural adjuvant enhances the active ingredient if mixed with the spray solution. Victorian Chemicals manufactures and formulates adjuvant products that comply with ISO 9002 quality standards.

Victorian Chemicals manufactures and supplies industrial chemical products known as oleo-chemicals. Oleo chemicals are products that are derived from vegetable oils and fats. Oleo chemicals are produced by the conjunction of alcohols and amines with wide range of oil types. Victorian Chemicals offers innovative range of environmentally friendly products which resulted from the experience and knowledge of the dedicated team.

Victorian Chemicals offers an extensive range of agricultural products which includes A-Lure spray adjuvant, Ad-Here spray adjuvant, bloat pasture spray, bloat drench, buff-it spray adjuvant, bolster spray, deluge 1000 or 60 wetting agent, empower spray adjuvant, envoy spray adjuvant, hitman soap insecticide, hasten spray adjuvant, nexus spray adjuvant, infiltrator spray adjuvant, soak n wet, tracker foam marker, Vicol summer oil, trump spray oil, Vicol winter oil, wet-as spray adjuvant, Victoria fruit drying oil etc. 

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