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Flare nut and panel mount flare fitting

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COLDER Products Company (CPC), represented by Victoria Fittings and Valves , has released the ChemQuik dual containment flare nut and panel mount flare fitting. They allow double containment of chemical handling fluid lines between a coupling or fitting and a chemical dispense unit or pump.

The panel mount fitting has a weep port to relieve the pressure that can build up between the primary and secondary tubing in the event of a leak or if chemical media permeates through the primary line. Both the nut and the fitting are suitable for all rigid PFA, FEP, or other fluoropolymer tubing commonly used in semiconductor wet process, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

Aggressive and hazardous chemicals such as nitric or hydrofluoric acid can permeate PFA, FEP, and even PTFE primary tubing over time. In the event of a primary line leak or rupture, fluid pressure buildup between the dual containment lines can cause the secondary line to rupture or break. This can occur particularly when the secondary line has a thin wall corrugated or convoluted tubing design. The CPC flare fitting eliminates fluid pressure build up and line rupture by allowing media between the lines to vent through the weep port. This drastically reduces the possibility of operator or equipment exposure to caustic chemicals should the secondary line rupture or the chemical leak.

The flare nut and fitting can be used with any ChemQuik coupling or standard fine-threaded flare fitting to add secondary containment to a PFA, FEP, or PTFE line. No modifications to the coupling or fitting are necessary.

The flare nuts and panel mount fittings are made of virgin polypropylene with a PVDF secondary flare nut. Size and material can be customised according to specific applications. The nuts and fittings are manufactured in a clean environment and double bagged in Class 100 anti-static clean room bags.

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