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Bolt Tensioning by Vicon

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Bolt tension for each bolt is determined by Vicon ’s experienced technicians. They take into account aspects such as manufacturers specifications, material, grease, location of bolt, ongoing pressure, etc.

All of these factors are combined to work out the appropriate bolt tensioning to be applied by technicians. When linked to the appropriate Hi-Force tensioner, pressures will be calculated when 25%, 33% or 50% tensioning procedures are used.

Bolt-Right (imperial or metric) Joint Management System tracks tensions for each bolt, each time the joint is tensioned. In addition, it provides a history of previous tension. This enables assessment of wear and tear on the joint.

The Bolt-Right (imperial or metric) Joint Management System will identify and recommend the most suitable Hi-force tooling for completing the job based upon the tightening values calculated. And it will also generate a tightening procedure for the particular joint.

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