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Aqua Milling cuts through scale on the inside of pipes using only high pressure water. Utilising a single access point Aqua Milling can clean up to 305 metres, cutting around directional changes in a pipeline without the need for costly pipeline dismantling.

Aqua Milling is an innovation that significantly reduces downtime and total job costs. Non-production pipe work cleaning and descaling can also be delivered On-Line using Vicon's Supergun system.

Benefits of Aqua Milling:

  • Fast setup access can be through a single point of entry.
  • No dismantling of bends - Aqua Milling can negotiate multiple directional changes in the line, so avoiding costly dismantling.
  • No dismantling of vertical sections - Aqua Milling easily drives through both horizontal and vertical sections.
  • Versatile - It is suitable for almost all pipe materials, even plastic and polycarbonates.
  • Environmentally sound - Can completely contain hazardous materials.
  • Safe - Operators are not exposed to any reaction forces from jets. The whole operation is controlled remotely from the access point.
  • Efficient - Aqua Milling utilises all the water pressure for descaling – retro or spinning jets aren’t used to drive and rotate the cutting nozzle.
  • Flexibility - Application works on all scale pipes with diameters between 16mm and 2 metres
  • Mobility - Aqua Milling is compact and can provide mobile on-site support at any time. The unit is stored in a 20ft sea container making it reliably transportable both onshore and off shore.  

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