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WaveMaster 8 Zi Oscilloscopes – Exclusively from Vicom

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Vicom Australia Pty Limited  offers WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscopes that feature superior speed and performance.

World’s Fastest Real-time Oscilloscope

Since January 2009, WaveMaster 8 Zi oscilloscopes have enabled validation as well as research and development of the highest speed signals. Its superior signal fidelity, highest real-time bandwidth and sample rate, and the fast throughput of the X-Stream II architecture maximise speed in all aspects.

Its numerous awards testify to its superior performance and capabilities.

The WaveMaster 8 Zi Series of oscilloscopes provides up to 30 GHz of bandwidth and sample rates up to 80 GS/s.

Offering many of the options available in the 7 Zi platform, the WaveMaster 8 Zi Series features: 

  • TriggerScan
  • Rare event capture
  • Removable front panel
  • Integrated second display
  • Exceptional instrument responsiveness
  • 10 to 100 times faster analysis processing time
  • Large 15.3” high-definition touch screen display
  • Proprietary X-Stream II architecture that supports capturing, zooming, measuring and analysing multiple waveforms up to 256 Mpts deep

The SDA 8 Zi models are ideal for validating high-speed signals or testing high-speed serial data standards.

Analysis tools such as IsoBER and superior jitter measurement methodologies provide faster and more accurate understanding of serial data problems, providing better results when debugging emerging, high-speed serial data standards such as PCIe 3.0 and USB 3.0.  

As rise times become faster, engineers face signal integrity measurement challenges.

LeCroy’s Eye Doctor™ II Signal Integrity Tools, which are available for all 8 Zi Series products, provide the ability to add precision to signal integrity measurements by allowing subtraction of cable and fixture effects from high-speed signals while at the same time maintaining fast scope update speed on unlimited record lengths.

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