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Upgraded DSL test set

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article image The CoLT-450 DSL test set.

VICOM has announced new features and functions for the CoLT-450 DSL test set from Consultronics.

The enhancements include through-mode/pass-through functionality, auto-test, multiple language support and the new user-definable negotiation time setting.

The through-mode option allows the CoLT-450 to interface between a user's PC and the DSLAM, thus acting solely as a modem to collect and report DSL connection parameters including loss of sync (LOS) conditions, and ADSL frame/ATM cell information, to the user.

Results are shown on the CoLT-450's backlit LCD display and can be output to a PC for later retrieval and analysis.

The auto-test function allows the user to test a customer's DSL service at the push of a button; from physical layer testing to network verification testing.

The CoLT-450 will establish and report negotiated upstream and downstream data rates then proceed to PPPoE Login and finally perform a PING test. The auto-test includes limit checking to evaluate pass/fail thresholds that can be modified by the user.

The CoLT-450's ADSL Annex A, ADSL Annex B, and SHDSL modem modules support these enhancements.

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