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VICOM has announced the release of the WANPeek NX v1.0 full-duplex portable WAN network analyser from WildPackets Incorporated, innovators in affordable network analysis solutions.

The enterprise-ready release features a customised, high-performance integrated WAN analyser card (WAC) with support for T1/E1, ISDN, PPP, HDLC, X.25, and frame relay networks. WANPeek NX monitors and troubleshoots WAN links for flow, errors, and service level agreement (SLA) verification.

With the introduction of WANPeek NX, WildPackets' family of products provides end-to-end coverage of today's enterprise and SMB networks.

Typically deployed in a corporate or campus network where the LAN meets the WAN, WANPeek NX is ideally suited for analysing traffic from remote locations or gateways where all internet connections converge.

The WANPeek NX hardware/software solution includes the WAN Analyser Card (WAC), and a type-2 PCMCIA card designed specifically for WAN analysis.

WANPeek NX can capture from multiple WAC cards simultaneously, which is useful for tracking traffic flow on multiple segments. The analysis engine is able to capture data, decode packets and analyse the traffic for WAN-specific events on multiple WANs simultaneously.

In-line analysis provides the ability to see native WAN frames, CRC errors, and all other packets on the wire.

In addition to a full range of embedded protocols, WANPeek NX decodes PPP, HDLC, X.25, and Q.921 and Q.931 for ISDN.

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