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Power meters with statistical capability

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VICOM has advised the Giga-tronics 8650A Series universal power meters, intended for wireless communications systems design and testing, features a variety of enhanced statistical analysis capabilities including histograms, CDF/CCDF and stripchart mode.

The 8650A Series meters are available in single and dual channel configurations. They have the extensive measurement capabilities and features required to measure the peak and average power of TDMA, GSM, and CDMA (IS-95 and Third-Generation) signals.

They also have the ability to measure CW and pulse modulated signals with NIST traceable accuracy from 10MHz to 40GHz over a -70dBm to +47dBm range.

The new histogram, CDF/CCDF and strip chart measurement features join crest factor, standard deviation and mean power to provide powerful statistical analysis modes for evaluating modulated signals over a selected time interval.

The histogram function allows the user to view a power range distribution over a period of time. The x-axis displays the minimum to maximum power levels measured during the specified time interval, and the y-axis displays the percentage of time each power level is measured.

The cumulative distribution function (CDF) shows the percentage of time a signal is below a selected power level. The x-axis displays the amount of power at the selected level, measured in dBm, and the y-axis displays the percentage of time the power is at or below the power specified by the x-axis.

The complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) reorients the CDF curve in accordance with the equation CCDF = 1-CDF for more accustomed viewing of a descending slope. Vicom Australia 03 9563 7844.

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