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BURLEIGH Instruments' new PCA-8000 passive component analyser, available from Vicom Australia, is designed for characterisation of DWDM passive components. The new system provides real-time filter profile analysis of centre wavelength, bandwidth, insertion loss and ripple when used with a broadband source.

The PCA-8000 measures insertion loss versus absolute wavelength to an accuracy of ñ 1.5 pm.

Wavelength measurements on the PCA-8000 analyser are said to be 15 to 20 times more accurate than those taken on standard optical spectrum analysers.

A rapid update rate of 1.75 seconds allows component manufacturers to make critical adjustments during the manufacturing process and, as a result, optimise product performance.

The fast update rate enables real-time center wavelength tuning, making the PCA-8000 perfect for process control. With an absolute centre wavelength accuracy of ±1.5pm, the new PCA-8000 is ideal for matching component performance to ITU grid wavelengths.

The PCA-8000 was developed to rapidly and accurately measure the transmission and reflection characteristics of wavelength-selective filter components used in DWDM systems. Vicom Australia 03 9563 7844.

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