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PXI-based wireless test system

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VICOM has announced "flexible test strategy" with the introduction of PXI-based general purpose wireless test systems from IFR (an Aeroflex company).

Aeroflex is the first company to bring to market, high-performance RF test capability for wireless applications in a PXI-based chassis.

The Aeroflex 3000 series encompasses four PXI modules and supporting applications for signal generation and signal analysis that meet the specific requirements for GSM/EDGE and WCDMA/UMTS mobile phone testing.

Applications include automated measurement of parametric performance of terminal transmitter and receiver characteristics; terminal TX and RX alignment and performance characterisation for manufacturing; research and development.

In addition, the Aeroflex 3000 series expands PXI's speed and modularity into the realm of general-purpose wireless testing.

The Aeroflex PXI wireless test suite includes:

* 3010 3GHz RF synthesiser (single-slot 3U).

* 3020 2.5GHz digital RF signal generator (two-slot 3U).

* 3030 3GHz RF digitiser (two-slot 3U).

* 3060 2.5GHz RF combiner (single-slot 3U).

* GSM/EDGE measurement suite.

* UMTS measurement suite.

* IQ Creator waveform creation tools.

The Aeroflex hardware modules are configured and controlled by a device driver implemented using NI-VISA (National Instruments Virtual Instrument Software Architecture).

Each PXI module is provided with a software driver as both a DLL (dynamic link library) for use within the standard environment and as a set of source code.

With the source code, customers can adapt device drivers to their needs. In addition to the driver DLL and source, a soft front panel is provided for each module.

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