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Multi-band 3G frequency translator

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AEROFLEX, represented in Australia by Vicom , has launched the TX501 RF Multi-band Translator, a cost-effective and easy-to-use full duplex 3G frequency translator.

The TX501 enables network equipment developers to test infrastructure operating in 3GPP frequency Bands I to VI using existing 3G Band I test mobiles.

The TX501 preserves network equipment developers' existing investments in Band I mobile test devices such as the Aeroflex TM500 Test Mobile.

The translator sits between the test mobile and Node B base station providing direct RF connections to both units. No additional software is required to control the TX501, frequency band selection is made either via the front panel rotary switch or using an electrical control interface.

Using the electrical interface, the TX501 may be configured as part of an automated regression test system. The uplink and downlink local oscillator frequencies on the TX501 are controlled via external signal generators, such as Aeroflex's IFR 2023A, IFR 2023B or IFR 2025. The Node B base station, signal generators and test mobile unit can be locked to a common 10MHz reference via the TX501.

The TX501 is designed to operate in conjunction with any Band I mobile test device to provide 3G multi-band frequency translation. It is ideally suited for use with Aeroflex's highly successful TM500 HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) Test Mobile unit to enable network testing with infrastructure operating in any of the 3GPP release 6 frequency bands.

The Aeroflex TM500 HSDPA Test Mobile tests the evolving 3G mobile communications networks. It has the capabilities of an HSDPA WCDMA mobile terminal, with additional advanced test interfaces and features, an ideal development tool for network infrastructure equipment providers.

The TM500 Test Mobile provides a far greater degree of control and visibility than that provided by regular consumer mobiles or internally-built test harnesses.

Open, script-driven interfaces are provided at Layers 1 and 2, facilitating an incremental approach in their testing schedule.

Optional Layer 3 and NAS (Non-Access Stratum) functionality further enhance the TM500 to provide full protocol stack support, enabling support of circuit and packet-switched calls, a USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) interface, SMS (Short Message Service) and cell broadcast services.

Detailed testing may be performed on the key blocks in isolation before running full system analysis, thus allowing engineers to track down and eliminate faults quickly.

The TM500 provides full support of 3GPP Release 99 and Release 5 functionality, including HSDPA at data rates up to 13.97Mbps. Coupled with the TX501, the TM500's capabilities are expanded to cover multiple frequency bands.

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