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Loop analyser improves troubleshooting

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article image CableSHARKplus -- advanced loop testing.

VICOM has announced the CableSHARKplus from Consultronics, an enhanced version of the CableSHARK local loop analyser for DSL.

Resistance fault location (RFL) and Station Ground measurements make the CableSHARKplus an advanced test set for local loop testing.

RFL measurement pinpoints the location of resistive faults including battery crosses, corrosion, water in cable bundles, and other tricky to locate faults.

The Station Ground measurements confirm that cable shields are properly bonded in the cable plant.

In addition to these new measurements, the device features a USB port that supports common plug-in USB memories for nearly unlimited storage of results, an added Ethernet port, an improved Graphical Users Interface (GUI), a greater level of automated measurements and enhanced processing speed.

Like its predecessor, the CableSHARKplus combines a long-reach Time Domain Refectometer (TDR) with:

* A 2 MHz Spectrum Analyser

* Patented single-end and end-to-end ADSL and G.SHDSL local loop DSL rate prediction

* Sept high frequency longitudinal balance measurements.

* Telco style digital multimeter (DMM).

* Graphical load coil detector.

* Automatic bridge tap locator.

* Single-ended frequency response measurement.

* 100-volt isolation testing with programmable soak time.

* 2 & 4 wire NEXT crosstalk measurements.

* Automatic disturber identification.

* Spectral Detective, and much more.

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