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Internet simulator for network testing

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VICOM has announced the availability of the Internet Simulator from Radcom, a leading network test and quality management solutions provider.

The Internet Simulator emulates the behaviour of WAN links and networks, introducing impairments such as latency, jitter, out-of-sequence errors and packet loss, to simplify comprehensive and efficient testing of real-time applications prior to their deployment.

These real-time applications, such as Voice over IP, video-conferencing, and e-commerce solutions must provide high quality service despite the impairments of the non-guaranteed Quality of Service networks that carry them.

The Internet Simulator runs on any PC (containing two standard Ethernet adapters) that is connected to two stations exchanging data.

These stations could be a pair of VoIP gateways; a PC opening web pages from an e-commerce application or an online brokerage web-server, or a client communicating with an FTP or Lotus Notes server.

The benefits of Radcom's Internet Simulator include:

* Runs any user application while simulating network effects.

* Simulates delay with various probability distributions or customisable user-defined histograms.

* Accurate representation of "bursty" network behavior with sophisticated packet loss algorithms.

* Inserts sequence errors to simulate packets that arrive out of order.

* Fine-grain control of simulation environment, with separate parameters for defining jitter and latency.

* Simulates the network under congested conditions with user-defined link speed and buffer size parameters.

* Simulates different network behavior in each direction of a point-to-point link.

* Highly intuitive user interface provides simulation in minutes.

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