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Cost-effective spectrum analyser

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article image The Micronix MSA338 spectrum analyser.

VICOM has announced the release of the MSA338 spectrum analyser from Micronix, a leading designer and manufacturer of RF test and measurement equipment.

The MSA338 is a compact, lightweight and inexpensive spectrum analyser providing performance and functions comparable to larger bench type instruments.

An all-up weight (including optional battery) of only 1.7kg and a battery life of 100 minutes makes the MSA338 convenient for outdoor use and for measuring wireless LAN installations.

Compact yet an authentic high-performance tool, the spectrum analyser is suitable for evaluation of W-CDMA, CDMA, GSM, PDC, PHS, wireless LAN and Bluetooth technologies.

The features include:

* Measuring frequency range from 50kHz to 3.3GHz.

* Measurement functions; channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, electric field strength and magnetic field strength.

* Calculation functions.

* Marker and peak search.

* Save/Load function saves 100 traces and 100 setups.

* Convenient Auto-Tune function for measuring unknown signal.

* Auto-Range operation.

* Hard copy of image via RS-232C port.

* High resolution display on PC screen with optional software.

A versatile instrument, the electric field strength feature is useful for measurement of cellular phone and wireless LAN working environments whilst the magnetic field strength feature is suitable for EMI design of PCBs and evaluation of signal quality.

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