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Non fumigation export pallet from Vicfam Plastics

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Vicfam Plastics  offers an extensive range of pallets of various applications. Vicfam Plastics offers pallets made of high density polyethylene moulding. Vicfam Plastics offers spill-guard, hygiene pallet and export pallet.

Vicfam Plastics offers non-fumigation export pallet which adheres to the fumigation and importing product regulations. Export pallets are light in weight and durable. Export pallets weighs only 15 kilograms and are designed with four way fork lift entry points with unique interlocking surface. Export pallets overcome various hurdles of fumigation, broken boards, splinters and sticking out nails.

Export pallets from Vicfam Plastics are constructed with extrusion flow moulding of mixed post consumer waste plastics. Export pallets consists of four way entry forklifts and four way entry pallet jacks. Export pallets are provided with unique interlocking surface.

The performance of the pallets is in house tested and independent tested. Independent testing is done for improved quality control of the products. Independent testing of the products by packing department at Monash University and CSIRO are carried out effectively to deliver consistent quality of products.

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