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Heavy duty hygiene pallet from Vicfam Plastics

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Vicfam Plastics  designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of plastic pallets for general use and specialist applications. Vicfam Plastics is a family business specialises in the conversion of post consumer waste to high density polyethylene. Vicfam Plastics utilises coloured and natural polyethylene directly supporting the world wide waste reduction.

Vicfam Plastics offers heavy duty hygiene pallet in various popular sizes ideally suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries. Vicfam Plastic’s first commercial pallet is Vicfam Spill-guard which is fully moulded single piece spill containment pallet.

Spill-guard containment pallet from Vicfam Plastics can carry four full 205 litre small containers or drums and weighs only 60 kilograms. Spill-guard containment pallet is rot and corrosion proof with two way forklift entry points. Spill-guard containment pallets are safe way to handle, store and transport hazardous liquids.

Spill-guards containment pallets from Vicfam Plastics are used to carry expensive solvents, metals in suspension, exotic machine oils etc. There is a possibility to decant split liquids through a strainer funnel to new container via one of four drainage bungs that are conveniently located.

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