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Security locknuts with world-leading strength available from Vibration Solutions

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Vibration Solutions  presents one of the strongest security locknut products in the world.

Preferred by US-based mining and OEM companies, these security locknuts have been successfully used to combat severe impact and vibration in applications such as longwall chains, dragline rigging, apron feeders, crushers, ball mills and conveyors among many other important mining and material handling applications.

Suitable for applications where it is critical that the nut should never come loose, these security lock nuts, available in Australia from Vibration Solutions offer superior locking performance based on a proprietary elliptical spring steel locking concept. The security locknut radially locks onto a bolt or mating shaft making it absolutely vibration- and shock-proof.

These security locknuts eliminate the need for traditional fastening systems such as double nuts, flex-type or distorted (cone), pin and nylon insert locknuts that are subject to failure.

Key features of security locknuts:

  • Can be installed or removed without special tools; only requires a standard torque wrench or ratchet
  • Completely reusable (tested 50 times on/off)
  • Heat-resistant to 395°C
  • Offered in Coarse and Fine pitch metric sizes (M10-M64) compatible with Class 8.8 or Class 10.9 bolts
  • Heavy and jam styles available
  • American Standard Finished and Heavy Hex pattern sizes in UNC and UNF (3/8” to 4”) threads and customs
  • Exceeds IFI 100/107 standards

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