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The Security Locknut offers the most effective and proven locknut technology on the market. With product engineering and manufacturing advancements, Security Locknut products provide unprecedented levels of performance and durability.

The unique, patented design of the Security Locknut results in a locknut that holds the bolted joint tight even in the most demanding and high-vibration applications

  • Simple and effective all-steel construction
  • Requires no special tools for installation
  • Reusable and infinitely adjustable over and over for repeated use
  • Does not damage or deform the bolt thread

Proven to operate efficiently in the most demanding applications, the Security Locknut is able to perform in extreme environments such as underwater, acidic, corrosive and salt water

  • Holds in any position on the bolt
  • Performs at extreme temperatures up to 370⁰C

One of the main features of the Security Locknut is the spring-steel lock ring that is uniquely manufactured and superior to other products available on the market. The technology behind the spring-steel lock ring results in unmatched rotational resistance for securing the locknut, and allows for easy installation.

The spring-steel lock ring material is based on a durable spring steel allow that does not distort the threads of the bolt

  • Holds nut in place on the bolt
  • When installed on a bolt, the ring lifts away and is isolated from the nut body vibration
  • Creates separate load and lock functions and eliminate spin off
  • Lock ring creates a heavy clamp force directly on the bolt
  • Prevailing torque is maintained even after repeated use

Offered in a range of sizes, thread pitches, classes, grades body styles and coatings, the Security Locknut is suitable for a wide range of applications. Where standard product configurations do not meet the needs of the project, Security Locknut is able to design a custom configuration for unique applications.

Security Locknut technical specifications:

  • Standard sizes ⅜” - 1.5” (M10 - M36)
  • Made to order sizes up to 4” (M100)
  • Standard thread pitches (UNC, UNF, ISO)
  • Variety of body styles: heavy hex (and thin), finished hex (and thin), heavy square
  • Material grades: Grade 5, Grade 8 (SAE J995 Standard), Class 8, Class 10 (ISO 898 Standard), Patented Lock Ring in high performance alloy
  • Coatings: plain steel, zinc (clear), zinc dichromate (zinc yellow/gold), ATD premium performance coating

Working out of a manufacturing facility that employs state of the art manufacturing technologies and processes, Security Locknut deliver repeatable quality and fast lead times with each and every locknut produced.

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