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AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type SH mounts available from Vibration Solutions provide high static and shock load capacities in compression with a minimum deflection, maintaining a low shear stiffness rate.

AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type SH mounts are designed for long lasting heavy duty applications. Delivering a high compression capacity, low shear stiffness and relatively low installed heights, type SH mounts are ideal for vibratory rollers, mills, presses, heavy machinery and feeder screens. Due to their high load capacity, these mounts are also used as point bearings for the vibration isolation of building structures.

Each mount consists of two heavy duty square outer plates with corner hole fixings fully bonded to circular profiled rubber layers separated by interleaf plates.

Type SH mounts can be supplied in three different hardness choices and three different sizes to suit applications where the compression load per mount is between 2 and 40 tons.

AMC-MECANOCAUCHO’s technical department can calculate a precise angle configuration in order to achieve an optimum balance between isolation and stability of the suspended equipment.

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