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AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type CB mounts available from Vibration Solutions

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The AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type CB mounts available from Vibration Solutions find application in various industry segments including agriculture, marine, construction and transportation.

Type CB mounts are installed in pairs. Installation is simplified as both mounts are fixed with one through bolt and a washer at each end.

CB mounts find application in agricultural or construction equipment such as cabins, engines, radiators, transmission and battery boxes, marine equipment, mobile generators or compressors, chassis frames for military vehicles, buses, trucks and motorhomes as well as emergency vehicles.

The mount is provided with a built-in wear plate that prevents the elastomeric element from coming in contact with sharp edges of support frames or structures, which may cause friction in traditionally used semi-bonded mounts. Type CB mounts eliminate the need to machine radii or chamfer holes.

The specific design of the mounts permits high dynamic loads whilst limiting the movement due to the multiple axial snubbing design.

Key features of AMC-MECANOCAUCHO type CB mounts:

  • Radially 30% softer than axially, important for equipment where radial axis vibration isolation is required
  • Provided with a built-in snubbering system that allows the following elastical courses:
    • Vertical: +/- 6mm
    • Horizontal: +/- 3mm
  • Can be supplied in two different sizes and in different hardness compounds to accommodate applications from 30kg to 550kg per mount
  • Metal parts embedded in rubber to prevent corrosion

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