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Planetary electric motor produces dynamically controlled motion

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article image Designed to deliver a two dimensional planar motion.

VIBRAQ Corporation Limited , an Australian research and development company, has launched a new platform technology - the planetary electric motor - with unique functionality for vibrating and mixing applications across many industry sectors.

The new motor is a novel solution to the problem of producing a variable orbit or linear motion, without the use of gearboxes or offset cranks and provides for an infinitely variable orbit diameter with instantaneous pattern changes, all within the one machine.

The planetary electric motor is a complete departure from any traditional rotating electric motor found in industry today and by design it is void of counterweights, cranks, shafts, gears, pinions and bearings, which are all commonplace in existing equipment that perform an orbital or linear motion.

The proprietary technology underpinning the new electric motor has been developed over many years of extensive research and can now be designed to accommodate many different applications.

The technology is designed to deliver a two dimensional planar motion and uses the fundamental principal of transverse flux where a current carrying conductor within a magnetic field creates thrust. Oscillatory motion is produced through the electronic control of the currents and their phasing within the coils.

In a traditional synchronous motor, the armature is stationary and experiences a changing flux, while the rotor experiences a steady flux state and moves. In the VibraQ electric motor, the armature moves and experiences a changing flux, while the stator, comprising permanent magnets, is stationary and has an unchanging flux.

The company believes its technology has wide-ranging applications but has an initial focus on the high growth medical devices sector and more specifically in the treatment of Lymphedema - a widely prevalent condition. Initial clinical trials with a prototype device has proved to be approximately 90 times more efficient than the current gold standard treatment for Lymphedema.

In the laboratory equipment sector, the motor technology is being used to improve the quality of blood platelets in storage and with its unique mixing action it is consistently outperforming the current agitation methods used today for the storage of blood platelets.

VibraQ Corporation and its patented planetary electric motor technology has been recognised worldwide for its technological achievements including:

* 2005 Gold Medal Award in the medical, surgical, orthopedic division of the 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva for its blood platelet agitation technology

* 2004 Australian Invention of the Year Award.

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